Sending and Receiving Email on Your PC or Mobile Device

If you have issues setting up your email, please feel free to contact support. However, before contacting support, please ensure that you have followed all instructions laid out on this page. If you are still having difficulties, please email support with an exact description of the problem as well as a screen shot of your incoming and outgoing email settings.

For help setting up your email on a specific device or email client, please check these instructions.

Receiving Mail


port: 993
use SSL: yes
authentication: password

Note: For IMAP, Thunderbird users should choose "STARTTLS" rather than "SSL"

Unless you have a good reason not to, please use IMAP whenever possible, especially if you check your email on more than one device. IMAP makes it easier to sync the status of your email messages on your various devices and the delivery is faster as well.


If IMAP does not work for you, you'll need to use POP

port: 995
use SSL: yes
authentication: password

Sending Mail


As far as sending email goes, your best option is generally to use your own ISP. However, you may also use the WunderSolutions SMTP servers if this is a better fit.

SMTP (outgoing mail):
port: 465
use SSL: yes
authentication: password